Comment Contest: Less Than 50 to Go!

Come on, now–whoever posts Comment No. 9,000 is going to win big, big, big! And there are less than 50 comments left to go.

Anyone can play: just leave a comment under any post on this blog. The rules are simple. All comments are eligible, except for any that are abusive to me or to another reader, any that include the f-bomb or other profanity (but I’ll just delete those), commercials thinly disguised as comments, blasphemy, or any remarks just too inane to bother with. Aside from that, anything goes. The last contest was won by a reader who just said “Ugh.” Please don’t let that become a trend.

“So what do I get if I win the contest?”

Well, you get an autographed copy of one of my books. I know–last week I promised the winner would get the country of his choice to be absolute ruler of. I haven’t been able to swing that deal. Sorry!

5 comments on “Comment Contest: Less Than 50 to Go!

  1. Well, Lee, now I’m stuck waiting . . . for book 9 🙂 I’ve now been to Kara Karram. I do hope you’re about ready because I sure am! I must tell you that nearly every time I think I know what’s going to happen – wham! – you throw a curve ball! Fantastic!

  2. Someone at the chess site mentioned a “Campaign To Honor Obama – Revitalize Mount Rushmore” several weeks ago. They want to put Obama on Mt Rushmore, even add Hillary; if the Republicans balk, they will offer up Pres Reagan just to shut the Republicans up

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