Comment Contest: 24 to Go

If I could just think of something to say that would get people all worked up, we could maybe finish this comment contest tonight.

Anyway, there are only 24 to go to get to No. 9,000, and a fantastic, unheard-of prize for the enterprising winner. If I can’t manage a fantastic, unheard-of prize, you’ll have to make do with an autographed copy of one of my books.

5 comments on “Comment Contest: 24 to Go

  1. I will be happy for whoever wins this round. I have been off line a lot today,
    just not feeling up to par at all, and moping around trying to accomplish
    just the most necessary things before I collapse.

    1. Erlene, you sound a bit out of focus. I’ll pray for you, too. Meanwhile, watch a monster movie or something–just for a little pick-me-up.

  2. Thank you, Linda and Lee. I have finally made it through the day, and I am watching a weather disaster TV show with my son. That ought to give me nightmares, eh?

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