Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Image result for images of north pole ice

Polar ice cap–it ain’t supposed to be there, but it is!

Yet another government agency (in addition to NASA and NOAA) has been caught lying and cheating to beef up their Climate Change alarmist agenda–this time it’s the National Snow and Ice Data Center ( ).

And what have they done? Oh, the usual bag of tricks–fiddle with their computer models to get the results they want, get rid of data that won’t support their position, seal off their archives so stop anyone from seeing what they’ve been up to, etc.

And this in an election year in which the Democrat Party has pledged itself to “investigate Climate Change deniers” for possible criminal activity–like not believing in Global Warming–and empowering Loretta Lunch to throw ’em all in jail.

That’s how Science gets “settled” nowadays–whoever has the key to the jailhouse gets to be right.

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  1. The lying liars will never stop. Satan is surely laughing. Can you imagine a country – our country – where people are thrown in jail for what they think? Minority Report comes to mind. The thought police are busy licking their chops now.

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