Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

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Polar ice cap–it ain’t supposed to be there, but it is!

Yet another government agency (in addition to NASA and NOAA) has been caught lying and cheating to beef up their Climate Change alarmist agenda–this time it’s the National Snow and Ice Data Center ( ).

And what have they done? Oh, the usual bag of tricks–fiddle with their computer models to get the results they want, get rid of data that won’t support their position, seal off their archives so stop anyone from seeing what they’ve been up to, etc.

And this in an election year in which the Democrat Party has pledged itself to “investigate Climate Change deniers” for possible criminal activity–like not believing in Global Warming–and empowering Loretta Lunch to throw ’em all in jail.

That’s how Science gets “settled” nowadays–whoever has the key to the jailhouse gets to be right.

Jail for ‘Climate Change Deniers’–the Ball’s Already Rolling

ndhile Thailand makes “rude opinions” against the law, American Democrats have gone beyond just talking about doing it.

The attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands is the latest–would you believe it? they’re all Democrats–member of our “gangster government,” as George Will puts it ( ), to accuse ExxonMobil, along with a couple of conservative think tanks, of the new crime of “Climate Change Denial.” This brings the total to 17–all Democrats–state attorneys general trying to make it against the law to disbelieve in Man-Made Global Warming.

They also allege that anyone who voices disbelief in Man-Made Global Warming is only doing it because he’s been paid under the table by Big Oil.

Now, if Exxon’s defense attorneys are worth anything, there is an ocean of evidence out there that they could subpoena, proving beyond even an unreasonable doubt that the real racketeers in this case are not the oil companies, but the gangster government and its pet “climate scientists.” They could start with the Climategate emails and work their way up to NOAA, NASA, the IPCC, and several other government agencies caught lying and cheating. There’s even a peer-reviewed scientific paper–albeit denounced by any number of scientists–saying it’s perfectly ethical to lie and cheat as long as it gets the public to do what you want it to do.

Nevertheless, be advised: They’re not just talking about it anymore. Democrats are actually trying to outlaw an opinion.

The First Amendment: R.I.P.

Talking to Statues

So here is yet another report of NOAA, an agency of the U.S. government, finagling temperature readings to prop up the Global Warming scare ( ).

And I already know that many of the people I talk to won’t take the slightest notice of this information; and that if I bring it to their attention, it’ll have no more effect than bouncing peas off a brick wall.

It’s like talking to statues. It’s frustrating. And it’s not because these are bad or stupid people. It’s because they’re sure they know things, when they don’t.

They don’t know, for instance–and don’t want to know–that there has always been a segment of the scientific community, reaching well back into the 19th century, which, allied to “progressive” political leaders, has always had a burning desire to manage other people’s lives–always in the belief that they, and they alone, know what’s best. If this knowledge is not part of the hearer’s mental landscape, he will simply not believe any evidence you present that the “scientists” and political big shots are incapable of speaking truth.

This is not secret knowledge. This is not conspiracy theory. We know these self-appointed philosopher kings want to rule the world because they have always said so. They give speeches about it. They write books about it. And the nooze media, teachers’ unions, colleges and universities, and a whole corps of celebrities are on their side. Given all that, it’s a marvel that any skepticism remains in play.

And so most people believe as they have been taught all their lives, that Science is the ultimate authority, the Experts really do know best, and that even God’s word itself must be subordinate to that ultimate authority. It truly does not occur to them that in this they might be wrong. As wrong as can be.

As a Christian I must believe that truth will prevail in the end, because God is true. He is the sovereign ruler of all that He has created, and His will shall be done. One way or another.

Sing louder.

‘Climate Change’ Con Artists Caught Again

We told you so.

Once again, a bunch of “climate scientists”–this time from a federal government weather agency, NOAA–has been caught lying and cheating in order to trick the public into believing in Global Warming ( ).

Because if the public believes in Global Warming, they just may allow the government to do anything and everything to Save the Planet. Like, if we don’t give them huge new powers and allow them to tax our pants off, we’re all gonna die, our cities all gonna be underwater, glub-glug-glub…

So NOAA has tried to build up Global Warming by inventing temperature data. You know–just making it up. They’ve also been caught substituting temperature readings from urban areas for non-readings from rural areas. For those who have been to collidge, urban temperatures are higher than rural temperatures–all that paving, for instance. It has been estimated that some 50 percent of the temperature data cited by NOAA is fictitious.

I know there are true believers out there who still gulp it down when liberal politicians and their pet “scientists” insist that we’ve got Global Warming and everybody on the Plaaanet had better obey them, or else. Never mind that all these Global Warming alarmists zoom around in private jets, live in enormous mansions, and leave “carbon footprints” a thousand times bigger than anybody else’s–and that they don’t act like they believe a single word of what they’re selling.

To have that much faith in government, and so little faith in God–

Is that a tragedy or a farce?