Sanity Break: Pups & Babies

I know there are people out there who would freak out if a dog ever licked their baby’s face: but they’re missing out on something good.

Germs, schmerms–a happy baby is a healthy baby.

If any of you think I’m going overboard with these cat and dog and baby videos, think about all the bilge I have to write about all day; and then think about some of the bilge I haven’t written about.

There’s a reason I call these Sanity Breaks.

One comment on “Sanity Break: Pups & Babies”

  1. One point I’ll make in this context is that, for the most part, diseases are species specific. IOW, you can’t catch the flu from a dog. While reasonable standards of sanitation only make sense, I’d be very surprised if a dog licking a babie’s face would pose much, if any threat. Our creator knew what He was doing.

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