The Grate Pressadental Debait!

Dont she turn you on!

Hear at Collidge wee “are” al pumped up for the Debait “on” Mondy Nihgt! and Hillery she is Sure to whin!!! Then wehn She “is” Pressadint she can sick Loreta Lunch on al them De-plorrible peple waht vooted for Donold trump!

Wee are Mad becose thay tryin to fix it “so” Hillery she looks bad and that “is” wye thay not givving Her “a” coffin brake even thohg she is “in” prefect Hellth al she “had” it was jist a Little new-moania! thay trying to Make us “think” She too sick to Be pressadint!

Well Ha Ha waht abuot Trumpe’s hellth, huh, huh? My prefesser He heared that Trump he has got lepracy!!! Thats “rihgt” thare is peeces of Him “is” faling offf al the tyme “and” has got to be glooed back On!! Aslo Trumpe he is Crazy and he goin to strat a Nuculer War and we al get Killled “if” He is ellected!

Thay aslo is not Givvin Hillery a Stoul to stand “on” so she dont “look” so short, wel so waht??? It “is onely” deplorrible stopid peple whoo thay not Goin to voote “four” Her becose thay are hatful biggits but Yiu got to voote for Her Becose She “is” a wimmin!!

Wel Ha Ha she goin to whin The debait annyhow jist weight and seee! And wehn She “is” Pressadint She wil lissen to Us Interllecturals and put al them hatful biggits In Jale!!!

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