When Your Cat Wants You on a Diet

There are a number of things your cat won’t let you do. Read. Write. Sleep. Operate your printer. And sometimes kitty won’t let you eat, either.

It’s all for your own good. Cats know what’s best for you. Trust me on that.

2 comments on “When Your Cat Wants You on a Diet

  1. I’m dumfounded. I’ve never seen a cat behave this way… dogs? yes, if they can reach it, but cats? Maybe I’ve just been lucky with cats.

  2. What a gift are our domestic animals. My cat provides a food testing service for me with no regard whatsoever for her personal safety. I know that everything I eat is safe, because she makes certain to eat a sample before I have even a taste. She is especially zealous with regard to poultry, ham and Italian sausage. 🙂 She’s been with me for roughly eight years now, and is an essential part of my domestic environment.

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