‘Everybody Does It’–Really?

My neighbor is frustrated because the people she works with all seem to be backing Hillary Clinton for president and she can’t understand why. “When I ask them, ‘What about all her lying and cheating,’ they always answer, ‘So what? Everybody does it!'”

This brings us back to the days of Bill Clinton’s impeachment, when his supporters rallied to the excuse, “It’s only extramarital sex, and everybody does it!”

Confronting this in the YMCA locker room, I say, “Everybody does it, eh? Well, I don’t know your name, so I can’t rat you out and there’s no reason for you not to answer this question honestly: How many of you have committed adultery.”

Only one hand went up, out of some twenty men present.

Everybody doesn’t do it, and saying that they do is mere hypocrisy.

Remember that. I do.

P.S.: My wife asks, “How come they don’t say ‘Everybody does it’ when you’re talking about Anthony Wiener?”

If he were the Democrat candidate for president… they would.

4 comments on “‘Everybody Does It’–Really?

  1. What a horrible excuse to vote for someone. Where do they draw the line with that thinking? What they are really saying is they lie and cheat. They have no principles or scruples.

  2. I know, I remember so well during the time of Billy’s presidency, I was teaching a womens’ Bible study at my church and I heard that very statement, something like…”well, if I were not a Christian, I would just excuse his behavior, after all, they all do that…” I was so shocked, but nothing much shocks me any more. Unfortunately, that is the case.

  3. Bill Clinton picked a hyper-technical and, in my opinion, incorrect definition of “sexual relations” to defend his actions with regard to Monica Lewinsky. I doubt that many people would accept such a definition if their own spouse sought to use it as an excuse for unfaithfulness.

    The history of the Clintons would seem to be stained by many instances of mendacity over the years. I’ve heard it said that Hillary was fired from the Watergate investigation because she was untruthful and violated standards of ethics and justice. I’m no financial effort, but from what I’ve read and from what I’ve observed the Clinton Foundation, with its many identities, seems to be un-auditable and I’ve seen no evidence that they can account for more than a token amount, less than 10%, of the donations actually be used charitably.

    To paraphrase one of Hillary’s favorite quotes; “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”.

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