Gigantic Prehistoric Armadillos

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Hi, Mr. Nature here. We’ve been sort of on an armadillo kick around here lately, so let me introduce you to a prehistoric armadillo that was roughly the size and shape of a classic Volkswagen Bug.

They were called glyptodons and there were a number of different species. They aren’t actually armadillos, but the DNA in their fossils suggests they were closely related to modern armadillos. They lived in South America, with a few eventually moving north and winding up in Florida–sort of like humans, when we move south.

Glyptodons are now extinct, which is only to say there don’t seem to  be any of them left on earth. But God created them and pronounced them good, and has the entire universe at His disposal. It may be that someday we’ll see glyptodons again–and I’d like that very much.

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