Coming Up: New Narnia Book by Liberals

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Gee, I wish that map of Narnia had reproduced in a larger size. I don’t know how to enlarge it, so break out your magnifying glasses.

When I come back from the nursing home this morning, I’ll tell you about a  new book that’s bound to generate sharp interest: a whole new Chronicle of Narnia, written not by C.S. Lewis, but by liberals.

Stay tuned!

5 comments on “Coming Up: New Narnia Book by Liberals

    1. The layout bears more than a passing resemblance to Colorado, especially the river and the location of what appears to be a population center about where Denver is located. Before they legalized pot, Colorado was sort of a mythical place. Now it’s mostly stoners. 🙁

    2. Let me amend that. Colorado is NOT mostly stoners; most Coloradans are not stoners. Unfortunately, there are enough stoners to make the place feel overrun at times.

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