Dogs: Guilty as Charged!

Some of the crimes committed by the dogs in this video are quite serious–seriously messy. Confronted with circumstantial evidence, they all break down on the witness stand. Perry Mason couldn’t get them off.

Advice to dogs: don’t play poker. You haven’t got the face for it.

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  1. Science tells us that dogs don’t have a concscience (and strangely, chimps do), but I see this as an example of their reach being greater than their grasp. I’ve seen a few guilty looking dogs in my day and they can look and act as guilty as anything alive. If it were merely fear they’d just run away.

    1. Chimpanzees are rather nasty animals, nowhere near as moral as dogs. Science tells us a lot of things based on pure ignorance.

    2. I think that the biggest problem is the fact that they want to be free and are smart enough to realize that they aren’t. When they are young they tend to be more docile, but then they grow up and want to be chimps, which are not particularly compatible with humans. They end up frustrated and, like all frustrated creatures, they are nasty to deal with.

      I saw a chimp in a small zoo a while back and he looked like a very unhappy prisoner, serving a life sentence, with no hope of parole. There were signs warning of his obnoxious behavior and advising visitors to stay out of poop-flinging range.

      This is another example of how wrong-minded evolutionary thinking is. These are animals, not some evolutionary also-ran that fell just short of being a human. They are smart, even brilliant, among animals; but they are animals and have no desire to be like us.

  2. My friend had a door with a mail slot that was not close to the bottom of the door. It was about a foot and a half up. My friend had to watch for the mailman so she could get to the mail before her dog did. He once chewed up an envelope with some money in it like about a hundred dollars. Someone dropped it off at their house into the mail slot because he or she didn’t think anyone was home. I suppose my friend didn’t hear them knocking or something.

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