Political Vandals at It Again

As is sure to happen in every election, Democrats are now inviting themselves onto other people’s property to deface their yard signs–but only if the signs happen to belong to those who support a Republican candidate.

In my own neighborhood, they’ve begun to deface “Trump for President” signs, usually with spray paint because that’s quickest. I have not seen any “Hillary” signs defaced, nor do I expect to.

Last time out, just a few miles down the road from here, some organized labor consultants, aka union goons, smashed into a Romney headquarters and beat up a woman who was working there alone, breaking her arm. They also destroyed equipment and furniture.

That is the Democrat Party. It’s in their DNA.

Any of you libs out there, please try to answer this question:

Why do you feel entitled to damage someone else’s property? What gives you that authority?

This is trickle-down lawlessness, and we’re going to get an awful lot more of it if Hillary Careless Clinton is rewarded with the presidency.

A vote not cast for Trump is a vote for her–and a reward to her supporters who deface other people’s property.

2 comments on “Political Vandals at It Again

  1. Just goes to show that Trump’s name can NOT be erased, even by graffitti – LOL. Silly wabbits – tricks are for kids. I would never vote for the name that defaced the other’s. Imagine what a poor, desperate leader she would be if such people support her.

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