Memory Lane: Lincoln Logs

First you imagine it, and then you build it with your own hands–how cool is that?

Remember these? Good old Lincoln Logs. Many a fort and log cabin I built with these, most of which wound up being inhabited by toy dinosaurs. And the surprising thing is, they’re still around. You can still get them–a toy that encourages a child to use the ol’ imagination.

I’d encourage you to get your child a set of Lincoln Logs for Christmas, but I don’t want to be blamed when the kid refuses to play with them and just sits around doodling with some stupid video game.

Instead, get a set for yourself and then enjoy hours of relaxing fun, building things on your table or your floor. Maybe the kiddies will see it, and catch on. Sort of like the kids watching Tom Sawyer whitewash the fence (to dredge up another goody from the ancient past).

Hey, it’s worth a try–and if it doesn’t work, well, you’ll still have your own set of Lincoln Logs. Maybe you can build one of those little houses that someone will want to steal.

5 comments on “Memory Lane: Lincoln Logs

  1. Yeah! I remember them well. Loved them. They were so much more fun than just building houses out of cardboard boxes (though that was fun, too)
    I always put window curtains on mine, and rugs on the floor.

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