This Takes the Cake: Woman’s House Stolen

Imagine you come back from grocery-shopping and find your house has been… stolen.

It happened to a woman in Sacramento, CA, recently ( ). The news link provides a picture of the purloined house.

Well, all right, it was a little tiny house, sort of a trailer. Almost like a house from a Monopoly game–and you know how easy it is to pluck one of those off the board when the other player isn’t looking. We have wondered about those teensy-weensy “smart” cars: two or three able-bodied thieves could easily walk away with one.

This woman got her house back after a little while: whoever stole it left it parked in a shopping mall parking lot, where police found it. But that’s Side B of Agenda 21, which features these itsy-bitsy “smart” houses that opens up a whole new criminal sideline–inside of breaking into someone’s house and robbing it, just steal the whole house.

You think about that!

4 comments on “This Takes the Cake: Woman’s House Stolen

  1. Yep, this takes the cake- the pie and the ice cream. Great Scott! These little houses are being built in great numbers and I never was interested in owning or living in one, but I never thought of this whole scenario. Wow.

  2. The human race, with plenty of help from Satan, is outsmarting itself at every turn. I hate to quote myself shamelessly, so I’ll feel a tiny iota of shame when I quote myself as saying: we are digging our own graves with shovels bought on credit.

  3. BTW, there are outlets springing up all over which “lease” elaborate factory-built sheds. I suspect, strongly suspect, that these are being used as houses. Plop a shed in mom’s backyard, share kitchen and bathroom facilities with the main house, and you can have a sense privacy for a fraction of the cost.

  4. I’m sure you are right. As far back as 2008, I remember seeing single-wide trailers and all sorts of campers arriving in back yards in the little town where I lived at that time.

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