Facebook is not on the Fritz (I Think)

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An experiment performed just now by my wife and her friend Carol has demonstrated that there is no technical reason for this blog’s Facebook referrals suddenly drying up. The mechanism (whatever it is–don’t ask me!) is not at fault. For some reason unknown to me, people have just stopped clicking.

Well, now at least I have evidence that I have not been censored for refusing to believe in Man-Made Climate Change that can be reversed and controlled by the government taking away our refrigerators.

2 comments on “Facebook is not on the Fritz (I Think)

  1. So the 3 of you knew how to perform an “experiment” all along! Cogito. Folks, let’s go over to Lee Duigon’s facebook and give it a “click” – which is all that it takes to let him know we’re still with him – lol.

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