Reaching for a Sabbath Rest

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It is written of Judah the Maccabee, the great hero of the Jewish resistance to pagan Greek overlords (it was their king, Antiochus, who defiled the Temple), that he made no war on the Sabbath day unless he were attacked and forced to defend himself: and this in the midst of a war for his nation’s very survival.

Not to put myself on his level, but I can at least try to emulate him on my own much lower level. Six days a week, I’m fighting. Not with weapons, but with the printed word and prayer. I see my own nation at risk of being snuffed out–by her own leaders, no less–and I do what I can to defend it.

But by the time Sunday rolls around, I need to rest. If I don’t rest, I’ll burn out and be no good at all. Besides which, and more imp0rtantly, by laying off reporting news and politics insofar as possible for me, I proclaim the sovereign government of God over all of His creation, and the certainty that He will, in a time of His own choosing, do everything that He has said He’ll do.

I do not mean to say “God is in control” as an excuse for me to do nothing from now on. We are all of us servants, and we are all to be found out our posts, conscientiously carrying out our duties, when the Master comes home at a time when we do not expect Him. No: I mean it as a declaration of my faith. God will indeed do as He has said.

Does He need my help to do it? No, of course not. So why do I do what I do, then? Because My Lord Jesus Christ has commanded it: “Occupy until I come.”

But I think it’s all right with Him if I occupy on Sunday with something other than the news of politics.

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  1. The fourth commandment was a gift from, and an example based directly upon the example of The Almighty God, Himself. It sets the pace for life, six days on to one day of rest. Setting aside a day for rest and for reflection is hardly a burden and can only serve to recharge our internal emotional batteries.

    I was always taught that the Ten Commandments were superseded when the New Covenent arrived, but I think that’s not necessarily true. The Ten Commandments were before the ordinances of the law of Moses and there’s a stark delimiter at the beginning of Exodus 21 explaining this. Very recently, I have concluded that keeping the sabbath is important.

    It’s not like I have to do something extreme; I’m still free to read, but not write to my blog. I’m free to play music, but not perform it for money or to study new songs. I’m free to eat, rest, watch a movie on DVD (there are many uplifting programs on DVD) or have a play-fight with the cat, but I won’t clean the litter box. I definitely plan to use some of the time to learn more about the Bible, and my Creator.

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