Well, I *Thought* I Fixed It!

My mother used to have a saying, “You know what Thought did. He only thought he did!”

I reckoned that restoring my Facebook connection, which had somehow gotten disconnected, would bring back Facebook referrals to this blog site. Stands to reason, right?

Except there are no referrals yet today.

All right, give it time, let’s see where we stand this evening. Meanwhile, I hope I’m not  being too tiresome with this. You know how it can be: sometimes when you’ve got a problem, you just have to keep gnawing on it until the knot comes loose.Well, I do, at any rate.

One comment on “Well, I *Thought* I Fixed It!”

  1. No, you’re not “being too tiresome with this.” I feel your frustration and just wish I could help, but i’m so technologically challenged my problem should be listed in the PDS.

    Smart mother – I will keep her quote for future reference. Thanks for sharing it.

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