Memory Lane: A TV Show That Got Lots of Us in Trouble

Remember the old Winky Dink TV show, in the 1950s? Remember how we bugged our parents to send away for the Winky Dink Magic Kit, so we could put the Magic Screen over the TV screen and, with our special Magic Crayons, trace the arcane shapes and scrawls presented to us, until they came together to form a secret message?

Regrettably, a lot of us couldn’t wait for the Magic Kit, so we took ordinary non-magic crayons and scrawled all over the TV screen itself, producing a mass of gibberish that somehow never pleased our folks. It worked just fine, as long as you put up the Magic Screen first. But without the Magic Screen… well, live and learn.

3 comments on “Memory Lane: A TV Show That Got Lots of Us in Trouble

  1. Perhaps not advertently some of those kids shows caused a lot of trouble. Anybody remember when Soupy Sales instructed children how to take the dollars out of their father’s wallet and mail them to him?

    1. Oh, yeah–I blogged about that incident some months ago. They really did send him money, and Soupy wound up in the soup for that.

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