Who Says Cats Aren’t Lovey?

This cat’s name is Ophie, and she loves her daddy.

I don’t know how it got started, the canard (don’t you love it when you get to use a word like that?) that cats are “aloof” and only interested in you as someone who can open the can of cat food. All the cats we’ve ever had have been wonderfully affectionate.

And now it’s time to feed them!

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  1. Another canard (you’re right, that is fun), is the notion of cool cats. I’ve had cats most of the time since 1964 and they have all been emotional little creatures.

    The cat I currently have was rescuerd after being abandoned near my workplace. She seems acutely aware that she was rescued and I’m thanked daily. She loves nothing more than to cuddle with “daddy”. As I write she’s on the back of the couch, purring profusely. She also watched the cat in the video with great interest. I believe she is a blessing from above.

  2. When my sweet Lizzie was alive, I carried her lots around the house with me. She just loved to be carried and loved. When I’d sit down to the computer and she was within earshot of the sound of it coming on, she’d run from wherever she was and jump in my lap. I did a lot of one-handed stuff while holding her and cuddling with her. I think cats (and dogs for that matter) learn to be as they are. Like children. Treat them with kindness and love? or treat them with the reverse.

    1. Very true. My cat has known love and affection from me and responds accordingly. She signals me in greeting when I enter the room and expresses a great deal in her vocalizations, from a sharp disagreement to a nearly silent utterance when she’s content. But it all stems from the fact that she is always treated with love, kindness and respect and feels secure in her place as a member of the household.

    2. My cat Henry used to have a thing for board game pieces–the littler, the better. He wanted to bat them around and walk away with them, and he would give me an argument about it, word for word. “No, you can’t have my Strat-O-Matic Baseball baserunners.” “Meow! Myaaah!” “Henry, stop reaching for them.” “Raowrr!” “I mean it.” “Yaaah!” And so forth.

  3. Animals can use only signals, not symbolic descriptors, but cats seem to be able to say a lot with these signals. Cleo and I have some fairly extended conversations at times.

    We also do a quiz.

    Q. What sound does a kitty make?
    A. Meow

    Q. Who was the communist dictator of China?
    A. Mao

    Q. Which breed of cat was worshipped in ancient Egypt?
    A. Mau

    She has yet to give even one incorrect answer. 🙂

  4. I used to work at a pet supply store in Philadelphia. We sold t-shirts with all sorts of images and sayings on them, front and back. One is memorable: (front) image of ancient cat statue with the words: In ancient Egypt cats were worshiped as gods! (and the back) Cats have never forgotten this! I have a dog, Maggie, and she is the best but I miss cuddling with a furry kitty.

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