Bonus Critter Video: Cute Baby Lizard

After a brutal week of politics, I’m outta here, I’m going for God’s stuff, and I’m takin’ you with me if you want to come.

“Unknowable” recently described an encounter with a tiny baby horny-toad, or rather horned lizard, which made me want to have one, too. I love lizards, and horned lizards are so unusual. They don’t grow very large, but this baby is the smallest one I’ve ever seen.

BTW, because they eat hardly anything but live ants, horned lizards don’t make suitable pets and should be allowed to remain in the wild and loved and appreciated just where they are.

One comment on “Bonus Critter Video: Cute Baby Lizard”

  1. Both the lizard and the little girl are pretty cute, if you ask me. Our Creator has made some wonderful things. Horned lizards (which abound in my yard) cute kids, and affectionate cars, such as the one that is supervising this post.

    Thanks for posting this Lee and for posting the info. As amazing as these little guys are, they need to be free, not kept as pets.

    What a wonderful Creator we have.

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