Whye I am mad Al The time!

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Some of yiu ordinary peple yiu want “to” Know whye Us Interllecturals wee are mad “al the” time! Wel woodn’t yiu “be” mad if yuo was Smarter “then” evry boddy Else and thay was too dum to “know it”??? i meene, reely, yiu ordrinary dum peple yiu gives me Fits, hear yuo has got Interllecturals Like Me to do “yure” thinkin four yiu and yiu dont evven Apresiates it!!!

so yiu Better whatch Out or “one of” theese Days we Wil jist not botther to do no thinkin for yiu any More and Then jist seee How “far ” yuo get!!!!

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  1. Hallelujah, I can really look forward to the day when you shining stars get fed up with thinking for me. You know I never listen, so save your brain power. I think you will need it someday.

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