Your Cat Loves You

And let’s wrap it up today with something completely wholesome, something which we never, never would have thought of, if we had been creating the world, but which God did–the experience of being loved by your cat.

This is God’s stuff, and it always works, and it’s always good for us. He doesn’t charge us for it, either.

3 comments on “Your Cat Loves You

  1. That was very enjoyable.

    My cat greets me whenever I walk by. She insisted on a taste of the cheese I had as part of my lunch, and preferred to lick it off my finger. Hearing a friendly voice would not be an everyday eperience in my life if it weren’t for her.

    If I stir during the night she comes to check on me. She insists on a sample of everything I eat; but just a sample. She watches cat videos with me on the iPad.* And she’s lying on my chest purring as I type this. Many times, I’ve thanked God that I have her.

    *Animals can see images of iPads, flat screens, etc, because these are progressive scan devices. In the days of interlaced TVs and monitors, animals saw only lines and it was very fare for them to take note of anything on screen.

    1. I wonder. My cat Buster used to respond very vigorously to the birds and animals he saw on the TV screen, especially when “Nature” was on. He was hot to grab those little elephants. That would’ve been in the 1990s, and I don’t know if the technology was all that different then.

    2. I think that it was possible for animals to detect motion on the TV screen, but their vision tended to take note of the interlaced lines, whereas humans tended not to detect them. Somewhere on the ’90s, progressive scan TVs came along and everything changed.

      I’m not much of a TV viewer, but I bought a flat screen TV, perhaps ten years ago for watching DVDs. It was then that I noticed the fact that my cat paid attention when no prior pet had. It’s a wonder of technology which allows the animal kingdom to share in the wonders of reality TV. 🙂

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