So Where Is Everybody?

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I don’t know how these things work, or why: so I’m thoroughly puzzled by a recent decrease in this blog’s readership–down by about 50% from where it was all summer.

The fall-off seemed to start when referrals from Facebook suddenly dried up, but that doesn’t account for all of it. Nor am I aware of anything I’m doing differently, over the past two months. I can’t help wondering, though, if I’ve overdone it with the political news. Maybe a lot of people are just sick and tired of this presidential election. I know I’m pretty tired of it.

Is there something that you liked about this blog, that you aren’t getting anymore? If so, please let me know. If I’ve got to make changes, I’ll make them.

Meanwhile, I’d love to see what happens if more of my readers shared my posts on their own social media pages. All I can do is “post to Facebook” after I’ve written something.

There is no market research budget here, so I depend on you all to tell me what you want.

13 comments on “So Where Is Everybody?

  1. I don’t know unless health and other problems are taking too much of everyone’s time. I have been having some health issues and the computer I am using has “health” problems of its own. I just do not feel strong enough to sit at the computer as many hours as I once did. I find nothing wrong with your posts, it is just that my energy level is so low that a lot of my spare moments are spent just lying down or trying to relax in my chair (and I usually fall asleep either way). Another doc appointment in the morning at 8:00AM and I do not know how long it will take.

    1. My health isn’t so bad, but I’m still mighty tired of going to the doctor and sitting around in the waiting room.
      Looks like I’d better add you to my prayer list, Erlene. I’d miss you, big-time, if you couldn’t spend time with us anymore: and I wouldn’t be the only one, either.

  2. Probably a result of the Hillbots needing to retreat to their “safe spaces” when confronted with the fate of our Republic in Hillary’s hands, or worse, their despair at seeing the way she is going down in defeat.


  3. I’m a fairly new reader of your blog and I love it. Maybe you aren’t ranking as high on search engines as you were. My readership has gone down and I know that has something to do with it. Google censorship? Or maybe something else. Perhaps your blog isn’t loading for some. I have had that problem with some other blogs recently since the internet was given away. Try retweeting various blog posts, not just when you write them but later, also. That’s helped me some. Also you might try commenting on other blogs or even reblogging posts. That can help expand your reach. Keep up the good work.

  4. Well, thank you for your kind remarks, and I am no computer whiz myself.
    I have a grandson who is, but he is far too busy these days to come and help me often. I have had problems loading a lot of stuff, but I keep trying when I can find the energy. Hang in there, we need you.

  5. Perhaps, like me (although I still read your articles as one of my top 10), we are bombarded with “election-‘selection’ news” from all sides, as well as the most dangerous acts of obama tyranny on a daily basis as we have ever seen. There’s very little time for fun and discussions. I usually receive between 300 and 500 emails a day, but now am deleting most of them and ignoring the ones I have “saved for later.” FYI.

  6. Life, health, election insanity, world cataclysmic events – all contribute, Lee. I do read your articles, listen to the hymns (which are very welcome) and watch some of your adorable animal videos. Time and distractions are to blame for lack of comments. But we are here!

    By the way, regarding the headline of your NWV article today, as soon as I saw it, I knew you didn’t write that! – nor would you ever conceive such a thing!

    Take heart, Lee. Your loyal fans are just as loyal – just not as visible 🙂

    And, one more thing: I’m a tad disappointed that The Throne will be a little delayed, but I’ll be waiting 🙂

    And Erlene – please do feel better. You’re in my prayers.

  7. Lee, I read your posts on my G2 reader page – coming to your site only to watch a video or make a comment. It’s nice to have all my blogs in one place.

    1. Well, that’s something I wouldn’t have thought of. My ignorance of technology is staggering. Thank you, Nancy–it seems I have more readers than my stats page shows.

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