A Speech Trump Ought to Make

One of the most important speeches ever given was Nikita Khrushchev’s “secret speech” (“secret” because it wasn’t meant to be published; but of course it was) before the Communist Party Congress of the Soviet Union in 1956, in which he listed and denounced the crimes of his predecessor, Josef Stalin ( https://www.britannica.com/event/Khrushchevs-secret-speech ). He left out some of the dictator’s great crimes against the general population–but the historic effect of the speech was to make it impossible for the USSR ever to go back to pure Stalinism, leading, in the long run, to the liberalization and eventual demise of that evil empire.

I would like President Donald Trump to make a speech like that, listing the crimes and corruption of both the Clintons and various members of the Obama administration. It would be a long speech, but it’s necessary.

With all this talk of who’s going to get a presidential pardon, and who’s not, it’s vital to set the record straight for history–and because truth matters. Whether it’s using the IRS to disable political opponents, or using the Justice Dept. to cover up the corrupt practices of Bill and Hillary Clinton, their henchmen, and the Clinton Foundation, these wicked doings of the government need to be exposed and addressed.

It may not be possible to parade a whole mob of them off to federal prison, but it would surely be a serious error to sweep it all under the rug. If the malefactors can’t be punished, they must at least be identified. If we tolerate this much lawlessness on the part of government officials, we put our republic–and our freedom–in jeopardy.

If we must have the pardons, so be it. But we must have the truth. Our country’s future depends on it.

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  1. President-elect Trump probably will make such a speech, AFTER he’s sworn in. Stalin worked hard to bring down hitler, but not hard enough.

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