Video Treat: Babies Dig Dogs

Don’t you wish you could know what’s going on inside a baby’s mind? Something about dogs really tickles these babies–and check out the tiny tot who has figured out, by watching the dog, that you can have endless fun with that springy thing that goes boing when you hit it.

One comment on “Video Treat: Babies Dig Dogs”

  1. Priceless! Oh the simplicity of having no emotional, psychological or mental baggage. Babies – gotta love them. I believe what goes through their minds is their complete involvement in the learning processes – like a sponge. I believe their emotions are expressed according their environment and early interaction with the adults who tend to them, and whether good or bad, they form his personality. I’m guessing these beautiful baby boys will always have a dog by their side – and treat it well. Good parents are a lost commodity these days, judging by angry, hate-filled violence of so many of our youth today who are confused and frightened by the heavy global burden being placed on their shoulders, by the media, the government indoctrination centers and their especially being without the true knowledge of God. Sorry for my segue…

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