Gee, What Should Dems Do Next?

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As always happens whenever they lose a presidential election, Democrats are out there bellyaching about the Electoral College, boo-hoo it ain’t fair, snivel, snivel, etc. But of course the main business at hand, for them, is to figure out how to win the White House back in 2020.

As usual, the loathsome Michael Moore has the answer. Democrats, he says, should run even farther to the left than they do now ( ). Even the Marxist pipsqueak they’ve had in the White House for the past eight years isn’t far enough left for them.

They simply cannot conceive of the American people rejecting their socialist, globalist, idiot program.

Well, I don’t know how they could get any farther to the left of where they are already; but Democrat consultant Friedrich Engels already has some ideas for the next party platform. “This will push us over the top,” he said. “Here’s where we need to be, four years from one.

“One, a 100% tax rate for everyone except the party’s top donors.

“Two, compulsory attendance at at least three gay weddings a year by everyone ten years old and up, and we will check to make sure you go!

“Three, free public housing for all illegal aliens. If necessary, confiscate the homes of anyone who didn’t vote for Hillary.

“Four, all American foreign policy to be decided by the United Nations.

“Five, a Constitutional amendment giving the president the power to do absolutely anything he wants, if he thinks it’ll be good against Climate Change.

“We may also want to throw in some planks about legalizing just about everything, outlawing Christianity, and setting up luxury safe spaces on every city block in America,” he added, “but we’ll have to see how the money holds up.”

Finally, he said, “We only lost that election because of Hillary, she blew it, there is no way the American people reject liberalism and Big Government, otherwise we never would’ve had a President Obama. You’ll see–next time, we win all the marbles. All we need is a presidential candidate who is black, lesbian, and here in the United States illegally. And it shouldn’t be too hard to find one!”

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