One of Those Days

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I had tons and tons of work today, but it seems like the only way I’m going to get to first base is if I get drilled by the pitch.

First I ran out in the rain to one supermarket, only to find they were out of whatever I wanted to buy. Ah! But yesterday we won $500 worth of gift cards at another supermarket! So we rushed over there–only to be told, when we’d had all our items rung up and submitted the gift card as payment, that this Key Foods gift card ain’t no good at this Key Foods supermarket. When my wife called corporate headquarters to–ahem!–ask about this apparent contradiction, all she got was elevator music.

Well, I did get my News With Views column done, and a couple of blog posts, but everything else is just sort of sitting there, making rude faces at me. Got the laundry done, too, somehow. And a bit of editing for Chalcedon.

Uh… wait a minute–I did get stuff done today, didn’t I? It only feels like I didn’t! Boy, does it ever feel like I didn’t.

I think I’ll go out and do some errands now.

3 comments on “One of Those Days

  1. Wow, this sounds so much like a lot of my days. sigh… I always think, uh
    well,, there is tomorrow, I think…

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