Blog Milestone–and New Comment Contest

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Less than 200 comments to go for No. 10,000. Hey, that’s a major milestone! Who ever thought this blog would last that long?

Whoever posts Comment No. 10,000 will win an autographed copy of one of my books. If you really want Bell Mountain No. 9, The Throne, as your prize, you can reserve it, it’ll be published soon.

The contest rules are simple. Anything goes, except the following: comments abusive to me or to another reader; anything smacking of blasphemy; comments featuring the f-bomb or other profanity; commercials thinly disguised as comments; or remarks simply too inane to bother with.

Come on, now, folks–this’ll be for 10,000 comments, we really ought to whoop it up.

4 comments on “Blog Milestone–and New Comment Contest

  1. wow, that is exciting. I knew the blog was interesting and informative as well as entertaining, but didn’t know there had been that many comments.
    Come on folks. the books are really nice.

  2. I did win one, and yes, it was wonderful. I happen to have a 10 year old
    granddaughter and she is now the lucky owner of the book. It is one of her treasures.

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