How we Can Get rid ‘Of’ Christins!

Wel that foool lee had To go Out so i got “his” blogg and I has Grate News!

My prefesser he “says” it dont mater that Donold Trumpp he won “the” Electin becose We stil has got “to” Fudna mentally Trans Form americka And the Grate News “is” thare is a Gay law Suit that is goin “to” ban christanity!

Now wye dint We “think” of “this” befour?? Wel evven Us Interllecturals hear At collidge wee Cant think “of” Evry Thing al at once!! Ha Ha, yiu jist wate til This hear Law Suit it “gose” thruohgh and The Justise Depotment thay start naling Them “churches” shutt And aslo taring Them downe With Bull Dozers!!! “And” thare isnt Nothin trumpp Can “do” abuot It becose It wil bee done befour He gets Inogriated which i Think dosnt hapen til Seppember!

and then Wehn The christins thay are al In Jale Us Interllecturals we wil Get trumpp Impeeched “and” Hillery she wil be Pressadint Afterall!!! Ha Ha Ha how do yiu no-good trumpters Like thoze apels???

i culd Not find The news Report On Line but my prefesser he toled Me al abuot it So i know Its triue!!!!

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