The Narnia Children, Grown Up

Here are the four child stars from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the BBC version from the 1980s. The interview is about 12 minutes long; if you’re a Narnia freak like I am, you’ll enjoy it.

I’ve seen Edmund in a Poirot episode, and Peter in a Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes movie–the disappointingly bad one about the vampire.

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  1. I love that interview 🙂 I’ve watched it at least twice before. I just wish there were more little things like that.

    I’ve seen Samuel West (he played Caspian in the BBC Voyage of the Dawn Treader) in some movie which I can’t recall now. Hang on, I’ll go find it … ah yes, the 1995 movie Persuasion. I always thought he had the most brilliant smile.

    The children in the BBC versions of Narnia always seemed younger and more innocent than those in the new versions. More childlike and genuine. I have a special place in my heart for the BBC Narnia.

    1. Grown-up Samuel West is a very busy actor, I’ve seen him in a lot of things. Ditto Camilla Power (“Pole” in The Silver Chair). In fact, she’s been in some very popular British TV series, but she says the thing people always want to talk to her about is Narnia–and it makes her happy, too.

      PS–I wanted to sign up to follow your blog, but could find no mechanism that allowed me to do so.

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