‘Feminist Snow Removal’ Policy Makes Stockholm a Laughing Stock

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Sometimes liberalism is side-splittingly funny–unless, of course, the joke’s on you.

Stockholm, capital of the socialist paradise of Sweden, made the news last week when the city implemented a “gender equal” or “feminist” snow removal policy that left the place immobilized by heavy snow ( http://heatst.com/world/feminist-snow-plowing-system-brings-stockholm-to-a-standstill/ ). Oops.

The new snow removal protocol, favoring the plowing of bike paths (!) and sidewalks instead of the main roads through the center of the city, was the brainchild (sorry, couldn’t resist) of a Green Party politician. That was their first mistake. Never, never listen to the Green Party.

Anyway it’s not fair to plow the main roads, it’s sexist, it’s just a bunch of no-good Mr. Mans on their way to stupid work, we want our bike paths, we want our Play-Doh–!

So public transport totally failed, the hospitals filled up with people injured in auto accidents on slippery roads, the city’s been sued six ways from Sunday–and the addled wacko decision-makers are saying there was nothing wrong with their new policy–which had been backed up, by the way, with a sizeable increase in the city’s snow removal budget–it was all the fault of the snow plow drivers for not following instructions, blah-blah.

Need we add that somehow Global Warming makes it snow?

Gee, I wonder what would happen if they tried this caper in New York. Just imagine…

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  1. It’s funny and sad at the same time. The West has been the dominant world power for the last several hundred years, but along the way we became prideful and decided we didn’t need God anymore. So now we have this dysfunctional thinking that has taken root and is slowing tearing us down from the inside. Talk about sending a strong delusion. I really think it’s God’s way of letting us know we still need Him.

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