Fooy On trump Tower!!

Us Interllecturals hear at  Collidge we Are sick “and” tired of heering All “this” junk abuot Donold trump “and” his No-good stopid Trumpt Tower! Like man look At it, did yiu Ever see a biggger dump???Image result for trump tower

Wel we has “done” Somthing abuot it!!! Rihght hear on Campas we done somthing! Yes, we Has builded ore own Obamma Tower! Al yiu got to “do” Is Look at it and yiu wil seee it is So beottifull and So mutch Better “then” any stopid Trump thing, and hear It Is!! Image result for images of rickety wooden tower

Thare, it Is onederfull and it Is al Natrul tooo! Jist gose to showe yiu “waht Us Interllecturals” hear at Collidge can Do wehn wee Put our Minds to it!!!!

And the Deen Of the Collidge he made “a” specail Deadication Speeech al abuot How this hear Obamma Tower wil stand Four Ever to showe evryboddy and Re-mind Them of the Grateness of Pressidint Obamma and May be later Wehn Wee “find” some more Sticks wee wil aslo Bild a Pressidint Hillery Clinton Tower too rihght Neckts to it becose Hillery She acturally Won The elecktion and evryboddy thay knows She Won The Poplar Vote too!!! And i Hope Trump he sees This and then he “has” a Fit!!!

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