The Libs’ Tower of Babel

When He saw men building the Tower of Babel, that they might build it all the way to heaven, God said, “Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.” (Genesis 11:7)

Secular utopian fat-heads are always trying to be our gods. They claim they’re going to do things–if not yet, then eventually–that they say God should have done, but didn’t do because He doesn’t exist. They also try to do whatever the Bible says God did.

So now they want to confuse our language so we can’t communicate anymore.

Freedom is everywhere under fire. Up in Canada, the legislature is working on Bill C-16, a sort of “transgender rights” bill intended to do–well, who knows what? The bill would “add gender identity” and “gender expression” to the “list of pr0hibited grounds of discrimination,” and calls for harsher penalties to be levied against any crime motivated by hate ( ). If you think that’s not a problem, please note that “hate” is not defined in the legislation. And anyhow, how many crimes are actually motivated by altruistic love?

Remember, the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the Orcs from OHRC, define “discrimination”–which is against the law, and punishable–as any “negative treatment… intentional or not.” It’s always tricky when they can send you to jail for something you didn’t know you were doing when you did it.

Canada’s Christian Heritage Party points out that one of the baleful effects of C-16, if enacted into law, would be to confuse the language by forcing people to use newfangled ridiculous pronouns invented by collidge numbskulls to replace objectionable words like “he,” “she,” “him,” “her,” etc. ( )

Like they tell the students at dear old Rutgers University, there is no freedom of speech so you’d better just shut up. You can’t get into any trouble if you remain mute for the whole time you’re there. And don’t write anything, either!

So let’s put the whole country under the whip for the sake of a minority within a minority–there are doubtless more idiots praising and coddling “transgendered persons” than there are “transgendered persons.”

And what it’s really all about, what it’s always all about, is a bunch of atheist puffballs trying to sit where God sits and be worshiped as He is worshiped.

4 comments on “The Libs’ Tower of Babel

  1. Unfortunately, it is not staying north. The same evil nonsense is being taught in our public schools right now.

  2. At it’s core it’s all an attack on Christianity, which has dominated Western culture for nearly 2,000 years. But more than that, it is rebellion against God and his design. In the end God always wins.

  3. But all they can do is worship each other in a closed system. It appears that the people and countries that so vehemently support homosexuality and sodomy also support child trafficking and pedophilia. Both systems WILL implode – with or without Assange. God rules and all things are within His timeline and “everything hidden shall be exposed.”

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