Prayer Request: Me

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My back is just murdering me today: no bike ride, no visit to the nursing home. Not safe to drive when you don’t know which little tiny movement is going to suddenly freeze you with pain.

I’m sure it will go away eventually, but I would much appreciate your prayers today, everybody.

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  1. Dear God, I am praying for the health and stamina of those who contribute to our lives. I am praying that the pain that Lee Duigon is suffering from leaves his body, that he might continue to live out the rest of his life without pain, productively, and with his joy of the knowledge of You that he shares with the rest of us. I know that You can do this, God, We witnessed your interventions during the end days of this age and we know that You are looking over us, your sheep, America, and the important people who love and worship you, because you are an awesome God. There are many of us who are making intercessory prayers for the health of Lee Duigon, without pain, and we believe You are listening. “If one or more ask, it shall be given.” Many are asking, in trust, love, and in the spirit of believing followers of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen.

    1. LD: Have you tried osteopathic manipulation? A good DO can do that for you. Acupuncture? We know you’re in pain and that it’s severe, as back pain often is, but we don’t know why. So forgive me if my suggestions, which you are most probably already aware of, do not apply. Our prayers will continue…

  2. To the One who holds everything and everybody in His mighty hand, we
    lift our prayers of agreement for this miracle of healing to be done. According to our Lord’s own words, “if you ask anything in My name, I WILL do it. We consider it done in the mighty name of Yeshua (Jesus),

  3. I’ve had plenty of back problems before, been the the doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, and done a ton of reading on the subject. My advice, try Turmeric\Curcumin supplements and Fish\Krill oil, which are natural anti-inflammatories, although they act as blood thinners, so you don’t want to take them if your already taking medication that thins your blood. Better check with the doctor first. Once the pain subsides, try walking. It’s not good to be sedentary too long. In fact our modern sedentary life is at the root cause of a lot of our back pain and musculoskeletal pain. There are specific exercises and stretches that really help the back. I can offer some resources if your interested.

  4. I’m a little late getting on here but I’ll keep you in prayer. I’m prone to back spasms and so I can commiserate. Your back affects so much that you do and when it hurts, not much gets accomplished. The Lord bless you and keep you.

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