They Don’t Like Our Flag, Either

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This is some of the response to Hampshire College’s disrespect for our flag

When they’re not too busy banning Christmas, liberal soreheads are gunning for other things that normal people love and respect–the American flag, just to name one.

Hampshire “College” in Massachusetts took down its American flag the day after Election Day, to protest America’s failure to hand over the government to the Clinton crime family. For good measure, the next day, they burned a flag or two. (

They had to restore the flag a few days ago, in response to widespread public protests–and maybe the prospect of not getting any more government goodies, once Donald Trump takes office. He doesn’t like flag-burning, a sentiment shared by tens of millions of Americans but completely incomprehensible to Democrats and other libs.

College president Pokey Pinhead, or whatever his name is, babbled, “We acted solely to facilitate much-needed dialog on the campus–” “dialog” is lib-speak for endless monologues by assorted left-wingers, with any dissent ruthlessly stamped out–“about how to dismantle the bigotry that is prevalent in our society.”

See, us deplorables, we’re all biggits and full of hat speech, we need lofty libs to instruct us in every aspect of our lives, blah-blah-blah…

These numbskulls really don’t get it. They call us names, bully us, trample on everything we hold dear, waste colossal mountains of our hard-earned money and still demand more–and then they’re dumb-founded when we finally say “Enough!” They just can’t imagine why their guys lost the election.

Subtle hint: It’s because you libs are full of **** and we despise you.

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  1. They are full of it for sure. Maybe they would enjoy the flags of the middle east more. I say, give them all free one way, one time tickets and wave bye bye to all who feel this way.

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