Video Treat: Cats vs. Metronome

Thank you, everybody, for your prayers: I’m already much, much better than I was this morning! Pain has abated to mere unpleasant twinges. Maybe it’ll be gone by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, to keep up a good mood, here are a couple of cats encountering a metronome. It’s been my experience that when you have two cats, one is usually the leader and the other is the follower.

I think in this case the leader could have used better moral support.

One comment on “Video Treat: Cats vs. Metronome”

  1. How can one animal be so fascinating?

    I watched a show about feline behavior on Netflix called The Lion In Your Living Room. It was fascinating, but entirely evolutionary in its approach, which greatly reeduced the estimation they had for cat’s abilities this sterile, Godless approach is becoming quite wearisome. I guess that’s why we like it here.

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