The New York Times’ Favorite Oathbreaker

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Well, we must congratulate the New York Times: they’ve finally dug up a presidential elector who says he will break his pledge to vote for Donald Trump.( ) He does not say that he will vote for Hillary Clinton instead, but who else would it be?

I think I can detect a smell of bribery.

The reasons given by this guy, Chris Whatsisname, are pure rubbish. He says Trump is too divisive. Clinton isn’t? He says Trump lacks foreign policy experience. I guess he’s satisfied with the hash Hillary made of it while she was secretary of state. He thinks Trump doesn’t have the “demeanor” to be president. And Hillary does? Is this man quite all there? He thinks Trump might take money from foreign governments. Can you say “Clinton Foundation”? Finally, he thinks Trump can’t be president because he dashed off an angry tweet about Saturday Night Live. Apparently you have to like Saturday Night Live or you can’t be president.

This clown has had all this time to think of some excuse for breaking his pledge, and this is the best he can do? You gotta be nice to Saturday Night Live or you can’t be president? Texas is a big state with a lot of people in it–and they had to settle for this guy as one of their electors?

If we want to have any hope for our country at all, never, never, never let Democrats take power ever again.

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  1. Bit dim, isn’t he? As long as he’s the only one (please, please be the only one!) the loss of his vote won’t count for anything, no matter who he casts it for. There’s just that little thing called integrity that he’ll not have anymore, and he might as well go around with a word bubble over his head that says ‘Traitor’. Or ‘Idiot’. Or both.

  2. Leeduigon, you must have been reading my mind! . . . Beautifully expressed!

    I found you as I was inquiring about “Midsomer Murders” and its anti-Christian pot-shots and biases; after adding my two-cents-worth, I decided to check out more of your writings, and I think I’ll be browsing quite a lot!

    Just as an aside, I’m 66 and a Christian since April 18th, 1969; I’m a professional (semi-retired) singer, guitarist, and songwriter of both Christian and secular songs, and I must tell you that my older brother — a hardcore atheist, proud liberal Democrat, and attorney-by-trade, told me last July or August that he could “no longer, in good conscience, associate with me!” (and by extension, my Wife.) –because I was quietly supporting Donald Trump in his bid to keep HC out of the White House, (and because I will not bow to the myriad of liberal, anti-Christian, anti-Biblical Morality, anti-“ALL People Matter”, anti-police and unrestricted-open-borders movements tearing this country apart!) –He said I was “too intolerant and hateful to be around!” –Now, mind you, my pro-Christian stance never really bothered him until I said I supported Trump and firmly spoke out against Obama & HC; he came unglued! Sadly, he has cut me out of his life, and we have not spoken AT ALL since the election.
    (–I’ve noticed that the liberals/Democrats are VERY sore losers!!!)

    I think it’s ironic, but typical for the elite liberal left, that I, who have always rubbed along with all types of folks… especially as a performer… am accused of being “hateful and intolerant” by the same liberal, progressive Democrat, HC supporter who is himself acting out his own self-righteous, high-minded INTOLERANCE of my quiet and personal viewpoint! I guess I really must be a member of the “basket of deplorables”. –LOL!

    I don’t know if it’s too late for our country, but Thank God we elected Donald Trump for our president! –Maybe the Lord is gonna rescue some more folks, and give us Christians a bit more time before the country crashes and burns around us! Perhaps this is merely a brief lull in an ever-building, impending cultural and immoral devastation, but if so, I’m grateful for the respite! …I mean, we all know it’s gonna end eventually!
    I just never seriously understood that it could happen in MY lifetime!!! Now… I do!

    Still, and forever, the Lord is in control! –Always!!

    –“Merry Christmas!”, in the love of Jesus. . . –Steve Millen

    1. Welcome aboard, Steve.
      I’m afraid every family has at least one liberal chowderhead in it. Remember: they’re all projection. What they accuse us of doing, they do. What they accuse us of being, they are. There are no more intolerant, angry, hate-filled people on earth than liberals.

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