By Request, ‘Silent Night’

I don’t know who’s singing this, but the video has more than 20 million views on youtube, so a lot of people like it. And there’s the usual sprinkling of atheists, loving the music but seeing no connection between it and God–like kids peering wistfully into a bakery and ignoring the sign that says “Come right on in, everything’s already paid for.” I wish I could tell them that the feeling they get when they listen to this music is one of the ways God has of communicating with us. But you do have to listen.

Requested by Laura: and I’m all ready and willing to post Christmas hymns as requested by the rest of you. So come on, now! Let’s see if we can’t get some of those kids to venture into the bakery.


One comment on “By Request, ‘Silent Night’”

  1. All time favorite. I remember so well singing this in the children’s choir in
    my childhood. Never gets old. My computer is still messed up, so can’t hear it, except inside my head.

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