Bonus Carol: ‘Silent Night’

Hey! Let’s do Christmas for all we’re worth! Sing it, shout it, proclaim it: Christ the Savior is born, He whose right it is to rule, He’ll break the heathen with a rod of iron–and we are saved!

Come on, more carols–the villains hate to hear it. Demons flee from His face. God sets ’em up and sets ’em down. And we are saved!

So here’s another Christmas carol–Silent Night, sung by Alan Jackson.

By Request, ‘Silent Night’

And let’s wrap up the carol contest for today with Phoebe’s second request, Silent Night–here sung by Bing Crosby, with help from a boys’ choir. We can’t have Christmas without Silent Night, can we?

By Request, ‘Silent Night’

We have a request for Silent Night! Lydia wants to hear it, so here it is–sung by Bing Crosby.

The hymn shop’s always open, boys ‘n’ girls–open for Easter and Christmas hymns all year.

By Request, ‘Silent Night’ (Enya)

We’ve still got some Christmas music for you. Here’s one requested by Joshua: Silent Night, sung by Enya in Irish Gaelic.

‘Silent Night’ (Andre Reiu)

Whenever I went to see my aunts at Christmastime, I’d find them watching this man on TV–Andre Reiu, with his orchestra, with Christmas carols. Here, Silent Night.

I do find it hard to separate the music from my memories of loved ones who loved this music. But every good thing we have ever known is the gift of God, and Christmas is a good time to remember that.

By Request, ‘Silent Night’

Who said you can’t play hymns on a banjo? This video proves them wrong.

Requested by Lydia, Silent Night, a banjo solo by Michael Staun with simply gorgeous background photos. Just beautiful!

By Request, ‘Silent Night’ (in Irish)

Requested by Susan: Emer Barry (who used to sing solo for Celtic Woman) with Affiniti, performing Silent Night in Irish and English–with a bit of Brahms’ Lullaby mixed in.

I’ve got a lot of hymn requests to see to today, but if I don’t go out and buy some new shoes now, I’m gonna wind up barefoot. I’ll be back!

‘Silent Night’ (Andre Rieu)

Does the beauty of Christmas ever move you to tears? Let it! We are stranded in an age in wherein, by sin and negligence, the guilty “investigate” the innocent: but Christmas brings the assurance of our rescue. Christ Jesus is our Savior: He will deliver us.

Silent Night: Andre Rieu with the violin solo, backed up by his choir and orchestra. Balm for the spirit.

Two of Ours: ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Joy to the World’


I was wishing for some more Christmas music, and lo, our friends Joshua and Jeremy made some for us. Yes, they’re the same Joshua and Jeremy who comment on this blog fairly often.

Silent Night and Joy to the World–thanks, guys. Very nice!

(Note: The comments were not supposed to be off! I have just re-enabled them. WordPress has made it very easy to miss a step.)

‘Silent Night’–in Japanese

I asked Joshua if he could find us any Christmas hymns in Japanese, and he came up with this: Silent Night (“Kiyoshi, Kono Yoru”), sung by Ashley Serena. Thanks, brother!

“A house of prayer for all nations…” If wonder if any of the apostles during Pentacost, when they spoke in tongues (Acts 2), spoke in Japanese. Betcha someone did.