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By Request, ‘Silent Night’ (in Irish)

Requested by Susan: Emer Barry (who used to sing solo for Celtic Woman) with Affiniti, performing Silent Night in Irish and English–with a bit of Brahms’ Lullaby mixed in.

I’ve got a lot of hymn requests to see to today, but if I don’t go out and buy some new shoes now, I’m gonna wind up barefoot. I’ll be back!

‘Silent Night’ (Andre Rieu)

Does the beauty of Christmas ever move you to tears? Let it! We are stranded in an age in wherein, by sin and negligence, the guilty “investigate” the innocent: but Christmas brings the assurance of our rescue. Christ Jesus is our Savior: He will deliver us.

Silent Night: Andre Rieu with the violin solo, backed up by his choir and orchestra. Balm for the spirit.

Two of Ours: ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Joy to the World’


I was wishing for some more Christmas music, and lo, our friends Joshua and Jeremy made some for us. Yes, they’re the same Joshua and Jeremy who comment on this blog fairly often.

Silent Night and Joy to the World–thanks, guys. Very nice!

(Note: The comments were not supposed to be off! I have just re-enabled them. WordPress has made it very easy to miss a step.)

‘Silent Night’–in Japanese

I asked Joshua if he could find us any Christmas hymns in Japanese, and he came up with this: Silent Night (“Kiyoshi, Kono Yoru”), sung by Ashley Serena. Thanks, brother!

“A house of prayer for all nations…” If wonder if any of the apostles during Pentacost, when they spoke in tongues (Acts 2), spoke in Japanese. Betcha someone did.

By Request, ‘Silent Night’

A reader in Japan asks for this German hymn, which I find sung quite beautifully in Irish… Well, that’s what Christmas is about, isn’t it? God’s Temple is to be the house of prayer for all nations. And someday it surely will be.

Requested by Joshua, sung by Enya.

‘Silent Night’ (Andre Rieu)

My aunts used to have Andre Reiu on TV all thoughout the Christmas season. Now the house is gone, my aunts are gone, and the memories stand. Christmas is a good time for memories, and an even better time for hope. Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.

Anyway, I’m standing on the hilltop, waving the Christmas flag. Please feel free to join in with a hymn request of your own.

‘Silent Night’ (Bing Crosby)

Well, our Christmas tree is up, it’s trimmed, our new stove is cooking a duck for Christmas dinner, the cats are asleep, and my stars, am I beat!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted Silent Night yet. Let us remedy that, forthwith.

As for that Pew Poll–well, Robert Louis Stevenson didn’t call that character in Treasure Island “Blind Pew” for nothing.

See the source image

Blind Pew… one of the villains

Bonus! ‘Silent Night’ in Irish

Another contribution from “jessicafischerqueen”–Silent Night sung in Irish, by Enya. Isn’t it nice to be able to celebrate Christmas without the government frowning at you? And so many of these pictures look like the jigsaw puzzles Patty and I give each other for Christmas.

This One’s for Aunt Joan (Andre Rieu, ‘Silent Night’)

Oh, how my aunts loved this guy! Back when everyone was still alive, and the whole family gathered for Christmas at their house–that wonderful house, that the orcs tore down this year–you’d never fail to find them watching Andre Rieu on TV. So I can’t listen to his music without my heart being filled with loving memories.

So Aunt Joan is the last one left, still in the nursing home, unable to show a sign of taking any notice: and this one’s for her. Patty and I, my dear, we will remember for you.

By Request, ‘Silent Night’

I don’t know who’s singing this, but the video has more than 20 million views on youtube, so a lot of people like it. And there’s the usual sprinkling of atheists, loving the music but seeing no connection between it and God–like kids peering wistfully into a bakery and ignoring the sign that says “Come right on in, everything’s already paid for.” I wish I could tell them that the feeling they get when they listen to this music is one of the ways God has of communicating with us. But you do have to listen.

Requested by Laura: and I’m all ready and willing to post Christmas hymns as requested by the rest of you. So come on, now! Let’s see if we can’t get some of those kids to venture into the bakery.


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