And Another Little Thing They Did Wrong…

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In discussing the immorality that is the hallmark of Democrat government, we sometimes overlook one of its really quite obvious faults–

The insane over-spending.

It is a form of theft, it is a sin, to run up debts that someone else will have to pay. In eight years, the Obama regime managed to double our country’s already burdensome national debt. Those bills will have to be paid by our children, grandchildren, and generations yet to come.

Democrats don’t have a monopoly on incontinence, but they are the all-time masters of it. Trillions of dollars on our tab. Unfunded teacher union pensions totaling billions. Student debt totaling billions. Obamacare, totaling billions. The list goes on and on.

They spend money that other people had to work for, spend it before it’s even been earned, spend it before it’s even printed. They impoverish their cities, their states, and eventually their country. They enrich themselves: no one comes home poor from Capitol Hill.

Is it just because so many of them never had to work for a living, never had to do anything but politics, and are habituated to sucking wealth out of the nation’s veins? Is it because they really have no idea how wealth is created? Or is it just that they’re so used to exploiting us, they think it’s just the way things are?

All of the above.

This is something that has to be stopped, and stopped cold. We must elect leaders who will not do this any more. And Heaven help us if we don’t.

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  1. I truly don’t understand why the economy continues to function, but I’m glad that it does. On every level, personal and governmental, all I see around me is massive, massive debt.

    People think nothing about taking on monstrous housing debt; are they insane? Debts have to be repaid and just because the payments are affordable does not mean that the debt is under control. Debt is slavery.

    1. Being anchored in the realm of physics I am familiar with conservation laws. You can have all the currency you want but you can’t change the amount of value. Value can be increased by productivity, but borrowing currency against future value-added dilutes the value and reduces the currency. If enough value is added in the future the value (of the overall economy) the debt will become smaller, relatively speaking, but if the borrowing continues unabated the overall value of the economy will never catch up with the debt and the currency devalues.

    2. Not a one. I’m dead serious, they don’t live in the real world. Look at Carter, a nuclear engineer and he deep sixed the economy with over-regulation. Regulation tends to work at odds with productivity.

  2. And those who consider the deplorables who work at actual hands-on labor are uneducated and whose opinions are worthless; I would really like to see how these “elites” would exist without farmers, ranchers, machinists, inventors who make the products they depend on and drive the vehicles that deliver these goods to their neighborhoods. They are so far from real world activity, that they are the ones who are deplorable. If they had a brain, they would have it out playing with it.

    1. Testify, sister!

      I’m with you 100%. I’m up to my neck with having to deal with people that thin a college education frees them from exerting any effort. I believe we are in the Last Days, but I can’t prove it. Last Days or not, Western Civilization is gong to collapse if things keep on the way they have been.

    2. At most colleges you have to check your brain at the door before they let you in. But on Capitol Hill they ritually burn it before you’re sworn in.

  3. Superficially, it’s about political philosophy, liberal versus conservative, but the core of the problem boils down to morality, or the absolute lack thereof.

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