Entering the Danger Zone

We are entering a very dangerous time in history.

The enemies of the human race got their hands burned and their fangs chipped in our elections this year, and in Italy’s, and they are not going to give up and go away. As we speak, they are pouring money and effort into creating a legend that Russia hacked our election to keep Careless Clinton out of office and give the White House to Donald Trump ( http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2016/12/12/sore-loser-obama-turns-to-russian-hacking-to-delegitimize-trumps-triumph.html )–because, you know, it’s just not possible the American people really rejected open borders, higher taxes, a stronger UN and a weaker America, and all the rest of what the Dems were selling.

Clinton, Kerry, Gore, Obama–they had a good thing going. But they stumbled badly in this election because they’d come to believe their own propaganda, and that made them overconfident. It was inconceivable to them that the American people might not be all that interested in that Citizen of the World crapola they were pushing, and have been pushing since the 1920s. Thinking they had it in the bag, they concentrated on enjoying their private jets, their palaces, their expensive little drinks at Davos, their limousines, and, above all, the rush of lording it over whole nations. So Election Night, 2016, was quite traumatic for them.

Suddenly they woke up one morning and discovered they held only four out of 50 state legislatures in America. Four! That’s only four more than the Whig Party controls. So they’ve really got to go to town now, or else wind up with zero.

Make no mistake about it: these people are determined, fanatically committed, to subjecting the whole world to their beloved “fundamental transformation.” They do not believe in God, and no moral scruple will restrain them. And they’ve got millions of mal-educated collidge students, tens of thousands of union thugs, a multitude of lawyers, and just about all of the “mainstream” nooze media to play with. Not to mention George Soros and a few other billionaires who’d like to have humanity as mere livestock.

They are not going to go away, they are not going to give up. If they can overturn this last election, they will. If they can’t, they can at least do everything in their power to taint and damage Donald Trump’s presidency. They will do all the harm they can, and they won’t care about the consequences. They are perfectly willing to subvert and destroy our country’s whole political system, if they can’t own it and control it.

This is dangerous, and we must be on our guard.

I don’t think Donald Trump is a man to be intimidated; but at the very least, we must make it clear to the whole world that we are solidly behind him.

One-world utopian leftism must be utterly destroyed–before it can raise up any more piles of dead bodies.

6 comments on “Entering the Danger Zone

  1. . . . and here we are, a year and a half later, and the left has become even more rabid and psychotic. These things must be before the return of Messiah. Meanwhile, we must hold ground for we are ‘Soldiers of the Lion’!

    1. If you would be so kind 🙂

      Prayers continue for Patty’s friend Carol and for you both.

  2. My wife and I are big Trumpers. We have been riding the Trump Train since the day he announced to run for President. For Christmas I gave my wife a Trumpy Bear as advertised on NewsMax TV. He sits in a glider chair facing the TV as we watch the M-F evening Fox Talk Shows. He really likes Lout Dobbs who has been warning America about open borders for 20 years.

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