Wonder Woman Sacked (Guess Why)

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I don’t know how you go about firing a cartoon character, but that’s what the United Nations has done–after first appointing Wonder Woman, who does not exist, a special ambassador for women’s rights. And now she’s sacked ( http://www.breitbart.com/news/wonder-woman-dumped-as-a-special-un-ambassador-after-uproar/ ).

It seems lots and lots of people complained about her appointment. Oh, it didn’t bother them that she’s only a cartoon. They didn’t mind it made the UN look sillier than usual.

No–the loudest critics of Special Ambassador Woman Woman objected that “a white, skimpily dressed American woman prone to violence wasn’t the best role model for girls.”

Oh, no, Wonder Woman’s white! And she’s not wearing a burqa! And she beats up bad guys, too! Three strikes, she’s out!

Actually, there are real persons who have been fired for being white, or just not hired, for that very reason. But gee whiz, you’d think a cartoon character could get away with it!

Oh, wait, I know! Wonder Woman’s not inclusive. Any role model for girls must be inclusive of those women who don’t have female body parts. You know–the ones that used to be called “men.”

These are the people who are running our culture, running our world… right into the ground.

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  1. Your wrong Lee, Wonder Woman was an imaginary tart. 🙂

    I can’t believe the degree to which supposedly serious people don’t seem to understand that difference between imaginary characters and real people. I’m sure the Wonder Woman is in a lot of virtual emotional pain over this.

  2. I don’t know what’s worse, treating an imaginary character like a real person, or the ravings of those racist anti-American critics. The left vilifies anything Western because the West has been the dominant power for the last several centuries, and in their tiny minds that is just unfair and must be because they “stole” it. Instead of looking at the real reasons why the West became so successful and learning from it, they seek to destroy it. So in the end we can all be poor and sub par together, but hey at least we will all be equal.

  3. Resist with all your might. They cannot drag you down unless you permit it. We have the whole armor of God, we have access to the highest throne in the universe, we have no apology for who we are as created by the one and only God and ruler of the universe.
    I actually had a numbscull ask me where in the Bible I could find where it ever said white people were created. The question was too asinine to warrant an answer. I just answered: begin on page one, Genesis 1:1, read to the end of Revelation 22:21 and see if you can find the answer.

    1. What an odd question. Where does he think white people are pod people? Where does he think they came from?

    2. Folks, that “God did not create white people” crapola is Nation of Islam teaching, per W.D. Fard (not WD-40) and Elijah Muhammad. To the best of my knowledge, there are still some Democrats who don’t believe it.

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