Good News, For Once!

Our esteemed colleague Robert Knight reports that the little town of Knightstown, Indiana, pop. 2,100, has given the what-for to the left-wing atheist bullies of the ACLU ( ).

It seems some atheist fat-head who didn’t even live there claimed he suffered “irreparable harm” when he drove through the town and happened to see a little cross atop the town’s Christmas tree. I wonder if he can see his reflection in a mirror.

The inevitable ACLU lawsuit was filed, and rather than be sued into bankruptcy, the town council removed the cross.

And so the people of Knightstown then provided themselves with hundreds of crosses and displayed them on their cars, store windows, and all over. Now you can’t go anywhere in Knightstown without seeing them.

This is wonderful news. All over the world, people are waking up to realize that they don’t have to take this anymore. The whole town does not have to knuckle under to some self-important idiot who wants to take away their Christmas.

We need much, much more of this! And maybe, by God’s gracious providence, the time has come for us to get it.

2 comments on “Good News, For Once!

  1. Now, this is the way all people should react. There is no excuse for lying down and playing dead just because some clown wants to have his own cry-baby way in everything. He was probably convicted of his sin by seeing that symbol. GOOD!

  2. I agree with Erlene, the best way to react is often the simplest. No need to burn your town to the ground – just silently protest with and on your personal property!

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