An Awesome Predator

Hey, where is everybody today?

Well, for those who are here, we have a cat performing marvelous athletic feats in the course of his bug-hunts. If it wasn’t for the dopey music, you could hear him talking to the bugs. My cat Henry used to do that. “Come down off that ceiling, you coward!” This to a moth. “Come down and show me what you got!” It was all in cat-language, but the meaning was quite clear.

4 comments on “An Awesome Predator

  1. LOL – it’s so funny how they persistently chase the bug, but when they reach it, they just look at it and wait for another chase. It’s about the gotcha. If kids had cats like these, they’d spend less time on their iPads.

    BTW – most of us are probably Christmas shopping; some who don’t have snow may be in the shops and others snowed in may be online.

  2. I did not have access to the computer for most of the day. My son only has weekends off and he is using the computer a lot on those days. He did fix the sound problem, though, so it was well worth it.

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