So There Never Was an Israel?

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See the guy in the middle of the picture, groveling on the floor? This is an Assyrian political poster from the 9th century B.C., and the man kow-towing to the Assyrian king is identified in the inscription as someone representing “the house of Omri,” king of Israel. We know Omri from the Bible as the father of King Ahab.

I’ve recently encountered a genius who says there never was an Israel before the modern state of Israel was founded in 1948. He bases this claim on 1) his atheism, believing as he does that not one word of the Bible is true; 2) his complete lack of knowledge of ancient history; 3) his support for the Palestinians, and his fervent desire for them to be right; and 4) his firm conviction that he is smarter than anyone he happens to be talking to.

In fact, Assyrian records name at least nine kings of Israel and Judah who are also mentioned in the Bible. It helps a lot, not to know this. Other peoples of the Ancient Near East also recorded their various dealings with Israel. Knowing this would really hurt this person’s argument, so he doesn’t know it.

Of course you can know enough history to accept that there really was an Israel, long ago, and still be an atheist. What’s really troubling about this character is his claim to intellectual superiority–when in any random gathering, he’s apt to be the dumbest person in the room.

Maybe he just hates God so much, he can’t see straight. Although hating someone you claim does not exist does seem like a major waste of passion.

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  1. I’ve spent the last year or so studying the role of Israel in prophecy and am convinced that modern Israel will play a major role in the vindication of God’s name. It is not uncommon for Israeli Jews to state the be,wife that God uses Israel for the benefit, not just of the Jewish people, but for the benefit of all mankind.

    I would not want to denigrate Israel.

  2. You are right. If we study the prophecies such as Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 and 39, it is very obvious. Genesis 12:3 should be fair warning.

    1. I always enjoy your comments, Erlene.

      Genesis 12 came to mind when I read this and I know that I would not want to cross the line and speak against the seed of Abraham.

      This is only one example of anti-Israel rhetoric, which seems to be coming from many sources these days. In keeping with Ezekiel’s and Zechariah’s prophecies, I think this is quite significant. Many nations seem to be turning against Israel, yet Trump intends to move the embassy to Jerusalem. I would say that the tension is brewing quickly. The next few months could be quite interesting and possibly even prophetically significant.

  3. Thanks, I always enjoy your comments as well, and I believe it very well could be an interesting time, to say the least.

  4. I’ve Ben expecting the second coming all my life and, to be honest, I was beginning to despair that I would not live to see it. Now it would appear that things are moving swiftly. No man knows the day and hour, but all of the signs Jesus talked about seem to be coming to pass, so I’m hopeful.

    1. It’s my whole concern that the Lord, if He should return during my lifetime, will find me at my post, heeding His command to “occupy until I come.” As for signs–well, let’s not forget our 20th century history. The 21st, despite its own unique awfulness, is a walk in the park by comparison.

  5. Denial of the existence of Israel, either ancient or present, is the height of arrogance. Agree with both commenters about significance of Israel and am bewildered when those born again in Christ become almost jealous of the biblical truth that the Jews are also God’s chosen people. The spiritual darkness is rising in the world and anti-Semitism is increasing which i believe will continue to worsen until the second advent of Christ.

    1. I am not entirely persuaded that the modern state of Israel is in any way holy. If it were one of the United States, it would be a blue state like Massachusetts. But in that they’re surrounded by bloodthirsty savages, I will always support them.

      Paul teaches us, in Romans 11, that Israel will surely be restored to full communion with God, beyond that which they have always had. And he warns us, “For if God spared not the natural branches [Israel], take heed lest he also spare not thee [the Church].”

      I know liberal Christians who don’t believe anything that’s in the Old Testament; but it does take a special kind of stupid to deny the historical existence of Israel.

    2. I would suggest that the modern state of Israel is a tool God is using to accomplish His purposes. The original nation of Israel did not live up to their covenant with God and were disciplined over and over again. The decidedly unholy Babylonians were used to take the remaining two tribes into exile and the Persians were used to restore them to the Promised Land once their seventy years of exile were fulfilled.

      The truly holy arrangement is the Kingdon of God, which has been in the making since the fall of mankind in Eden. The Abrahamic covenant was stated to be forever and that full communion with God will have to happen, but I don’t see this as being entirely related to the political forces at work in modern Israel.

      What I do see as significant, is the fact that there are signs of spiritual reawakening in Israel and a recognition, at least among some Israeli politicians, that they have a responsibility, not just to the political furtherance of Israel’s goals, but also a responsibility to the covenant which created ancient Israel.

      I don’t see Netanyahu as the savior of Israel, but he may be functioning as an operative for God’s purposes. Zechariah 14 states clearly that the LORD, will Himself fight for Israel. We can hold to our faith and attempt to reach others with the message in the meantime, but the ultimate source of deliverance comes from the Father of all life, the LORD Yahweh.

    3. We all function in terms of God’s purposes.

      One hundred years ago, the thought of a rebirth of Israel as a modern state and a homeland for the Jewish people would have been considered utterly preposterous.

      God does like to do things in a way we don’t expect: see I Corinthians 1.

    4. I am studying the subject presently, but wresting land from the Arab people unwise and has caused much suffering. I have heard Jewish people in Israel are coming to salvation praise God.

  6. All these comments are great reading. My husband and I recently visited Israel and went to so many places that bore the stamp noting that “Israel was here.” How a person can deny that the Israeli people weren’t living in that land for thousands of years is, in itself, a declaration of some form of insanity. I am a “toucher.” When I visit an historical site and am allowed to feel or touch, I do it. I touched the huge 45-foot base stones that were laid during Herod’s reign (over Jews, mind you, living in Jerusalem at the time) when he built the final temple before Yeshua was born. I touched the well-worn Teaching Steps just inside the gates of Jerusalem, the dusty stones in Masada where holed-up rebel Jews stood their ground and never gave in to Rome. And the word was out about the UNESCO statement made regarding Israel, how the Jews never had anything to do with Jerusalem. It’s not just sad to hear but it’s unbelievable that a person could make such a foolish, stupid statement when evidence in the stones is all around. What a blessing it was to be in the Holy Land where God put His Name and to be able to walk alongside His Chosen People. I pray often that the veil that is over their eyes (and just for a time as brother, Paul states) would be removed and that they all would recognize Yeshua as the Messiah that has already come and will be coming again.

    1. Libs often resort to denying plain facts–not surprising behavior by people who claim there’s no such thing as truth. I know a liberal who denied that a certain book existed, when I had the book on the table right in front of me. So denying there ever was an Israel is no big deal for them.

      The truth is not in them.

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