The Great Democrat Fizzle

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Well, now it’s official: with more than 300 electoral votes cast for him as of yesterday, Donald Trump will become the next president of the United States ( ).

The harassment, the bribery offers, the public relations tsunami, and the death threats all went for nothing: how much did George Soros spend on that? Only half a dozen electors–four Democrats in Washington who refused to vote for Clinton, and two Republicans in Texas who wouldn’t vote for Trump–broke their pledges. There were a few others who tried to, but were kicked out and replaced.

So the campaign to flip the Electoral College fizzles out, just like the Great Recount fizzled out, and just like the Democrat Party itself is fizzling out. Now all they’ve got left are idle demands to abolish the Electoral College and let California and New York dictate to the other 48 states, vain yawping about the Russians rigging the election–brought to you by the same people who actually did rig the Democrat primary against joke candidate Bernie Sanders–and a ludicrous shaggy-dog story about how it was all Hillary’s fault–brought to you by the same people who cheated very hard to make sure Hillary was their candidate.

Plus they show every sign of meaning to continue their tantrum every day for at least the next four years.

They refuse to believe America rejected their agenda of open borders, transgender bathrooms, Obamacare, globalism, Global Warming, and all the rest of it.

But we have rejected it; and now we must make sure it never comes back. The Democrat Party must be put out of business permanently. The fact that they were altogether willing to resort to sedition, this time out, to keep themselves in power, suggests that they might do even worse, next time.

Let’s not give them the opportunity to start a civil war.

7 comments on “The Great Democrat Fizzle

  1. From a headline:
    Most Of the ‘Faithless Electors’ Were Democrats Who Didn’t Vote For Clinton
    “… largest number of electors not supporting their party’s nominee since 1872 …”

    Take THAT, Democrats!

  2. It’s astounding to watch. Apparently some of these people can’t even conceive of the notion that literally everyone doesn’t see things their way. Delusion is powerful stuff and there’s plenty of delusion to go around right about now.

    I was there once myself, blithely ignorant of the fact that others might have valid opinions that did not agree with my own. but I learned by watching the events going on around me. I took note of what seemed to work and of what did not work. Apparently there are some people out there so thoroughly indoctrinated that they never bother to raise their heads and have a look around.

    The liberals seem to be in denial. They don’t seem to understand that they have been the patsies of manipulative forces whom are actually at odds with the liberal values they claim to espouse. I doubt that Hillary can make sense of what has happened, because she refuses to examine her own belief system.

  3. The last hurdle is on Inauguration Day, when the globalists send out all of their paid Marionettes to start a civil war, “no matter what.” The Establishment globalists want a civil war. They can’t have their New World “Order” without chaos. Well, we don’t want a civil war where we fight against each other. Let’s not take the bait. We want a strong, massive resistance, where we fight against tyranny. President Trump “Against All Odds.”

    1. All he had to do was beat the Democrats, Hollywood, his own party’s “leaders,” the nooze media, the “education” establishment, Soros, the Clinton crime machine, and Washington–piece of cake.

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