Humanists Sue to Stop Charity for Destitute Children

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The most anti-human people in the world are humanists. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Operation Christmas Child, in existence since 1993, asks school children to pack shoeboxes with small toys and basic necessities like a toothbrush, soap, etc. These are delivered to poor children throughout the world.

The American Humanist Association, parasites on the body politic, have sued–yes, sued–to stop this charity ( ). Why? Because it’s done at Christmas-time by Christians, and each box contains a little Christmas message.

Better a child should have not so much as a toothbrush, reason the humanists, than he or she should be exposed to any mention of Christmas! Because it violates some non-existent “law” of separation and state–there is no such law written anywhere, nor has any such law ever been enacted–which somehow requires all of society in a predominantly Christian country to behave as if the official state religion were atheism.

I would like to see what would happen if someone defied these wicked persons. Can you actually be tossed into prison for committing an act of charity? Or is the “crime” to commit an act of charity in Jesus’ name?

You wouldn’t see these monsters suing if someone were handing out toothbrushes in the name of some despicable leftist–but of course humanist charities do not exist.

Too  bad the AHA didn’t have a chapter in India. They could have sued Mother Teresa.

And they would’ve, too.

God grant we don’t have to put up with this sort of thing much longer.

7 comments on “Humanists Sue to Stop Charity for Destitute Children

  1. Just finished reading a very interesting book that addresses the pertinent issues. The change, if it ever comes, depends upon believers obeying the instruction in II Chronicles 7:14. We can never expect satan’s followers to make correction; it depends on us.

  2. Mother Teresa’s organization was investigated for child trafficking in India. No good deed goes unpunished.

    On Twitter my wife has been temporarily banned for saying Bruce Jenner instead of Kaitlyn Jenner. You see, it is their policy you can’t use “dead names.” I can’t wait for the blockchain 5G new Internet architecture to be completed and we get rid of these heister Tech Giants and their Big Data.

    1. “Dead names”??? They sure come up with stuff. Hey, can I start calling myself Nancy Pelosi? Then my name would be a dead name, right? And I’d get my share of Pelosi’s moolah…

      Nah, wouldn’t be worth it. Unlike any Democrat, I have a sense of shame.

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