What’s With WordPress???

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Yesterday I went out to play basketball, and when I came back, my blog’s regular Stats page was gone, replaced by WordPress’s new improved ugly Stats page that I don’t like. I’d ask them about it, but “Contact Us” doesn’t work, no matter what I do.

On top of all that, they sent me an email today, something from “WordPress business,” whatever that is, trying to hit me up for $300 or else it’s adios, muchachos. We just paid the renewal fee here two months ago or so, so what’s this all about?

So I can’t get in touch with anyone at WordPress to ask my question and I don’t know what nasty little surprise they’ll spring on me next.

If I suddenly disappear from the Internet, please be advised it wasn’t my fault.

11 comments on “What’s With WordPress???

  1. “This Is How They Are Shutting Down the Alternative Media Online” Youtube.

    ‘ve been having trouble with Disqus, although I don’t have a blog. Perhaps “WordPress business” is not legitimate? I don’t understand why we need so many programs to accomplish one task. Please keep us posted.

    1. My webmaster tells me it’s something that should have been done automatically, it’s not a scam, and I don’t have to do anything about it. Which is good, because there really is very little that I know how to do on a computer.

      If I could only get my regular Stats page back… but I am unable to communicate with WordPress.

    2. Finally I got in touch with a WordPress engineer, and he straightened out the problem for me. It took a long time, and I never did get to ask him what caused this in the first place.

      As a technology moron, I get very upset when something that has taken me a long time and a lot of effort to learn is suddenly… changed!

    3. When it comes to being a “technology moron” I believe I’ve got you beat. I still have XP on my PC (personal computer). My 8.1 laptop has been changed so many times it now has PC (political control). Glad you got this problem solved; now you’re ready for the next one – lol. Thanks for keeping me posted.

  2. I’d be darned careful about WordPress Business. It could be a scam artist. I’d go in from your WordPress control panel and see if there’s anything that would indicate a change in the charges. FWIW, I haven’t heard a thing on my WordPress account. If they decide that I need to pay them $300 out of thin air you can bet that right-question.com will be migrating in a big hurry.

  3. What a pain. My late husband and I had a word press site, which was stolen just about the time he passed away, and after a few tries, I threw in the towel and gave it up. Don’t do as I did.

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