Just for Fun: Sandy Becker’s Christmas Carol

This blast from the past comes from I don’t know what year, exactly–late 1950s, early 60s. Nor do I know if the puppet play ever actually came off. Anyway, here’s Clive Clive introducing the star of Sandy Becker’s Christmas carol, the inimitable Geba Geba.

Sandy not only performed these puppets; he created and hand-crafted them himself. This was kids’ TV way back when, and it was wonderful. Becker had a wild imagination, and you never knew what he was going to come up with next.

Geba Geba as Scrooge–if only I could’ve seen it!

2 comments on “Just for Fun: Sandy Becker’s Christmas Carol

  1. Loved Sandy Becker!

    You did, of course, hear Geba Geba exclaim, “SKIN FLICK!?” when the Chronkite look-a-like said that he had portrayed the world’s most famous “Skinflint”.

    What a clever thing to say on children’s TV!

    He must have been competing with Soupy Sales in the effort to amuse any adults in the audience with their children.


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