OK, I’m Back

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Well, I’m back.

Remember, in Mille Bornes, how you got a Safe Trip Bonus if you made your 1,000 miles without using any “200” cards? I don’t think many of my fellow Parkway drivers were interested in earning that kind of bonus today. A lot of them drive like they’d been shot from guns.

So I thank you for your prayers, I thank the Lord for getting us there and back in one piece, and now I think I would like a nice cigar…

3 comments on “OK, I’m Back

  1. Glad to hear that you’re safe. I have to run my own gauntlet in another hour or so, a trip to Tucson. It’s a balmy 47 degrees outside with a west wind strong enough to create havoc, so I’ll be having an adventurous little drive. Maybe I’ll zip,up my parka and go with the top down.

  2. Praise the Lord, He is faithful to protect us if we just ask. I will now focus my prayers on you, UnKnowable.

    1. The one good thing is that I-10 can be eerily vacant on holidays, so I should be ok. Probably 363 days of the year it’s a bumper car tournament with semis holding the advantage, but Christmas and Thanksgiving aren’t too bad.

      Thanks for your prayers.

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